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Our peace of mind pledge

WorktopEnvy is committed to giving its customers peace of mind. For that reason we offer a free 12-month warranty on our workmanship with every installation.
All you need to do is email your name, details, and after-template quotation number to to register your warranty within 30 days of your tops being fitted.
The warranty is useful as your new work surfacing is heavy and the wooden carcass upon which it sits sometimes takes a while to settle under the weight. Very occasionally, this ‘settling’ process can affect the areas where we join your tops together.
In circumstances where settling of the units has had a negative effect on your joints (subject to our visual inspection), we undertake to visit your home free of charge to put things right.
Sadly we cannot include in this warranty repairs to any chipping, scratching or cracking to your stone after the signing of our Customer Satisfaction sheets, and/or receipt of final payment, nor other damage caused as a result of misuse of your stone (please see our FAQs for guidance on best practice in stone care).
However we will always seek to support our customers by offering timely and reasonably-priced repairs, wherever possible, under these circumstances.
As we are approved fabricators of the engineered materials we supply, they are also often covered by separate warranties from their respective manufacturers, for example Silestone, and Cimstone. Please click on their names to register your warranty with them once you have completed your purchase of their product, subject to individual companies’ Terms and Conditions.
Where quarried granite is supplied, the material – as a product of Mother Nature – cannot be warrantied in this way. However, if any piece of stone has survived the rigours of our production processes, and is cared for appropriately, then it should perform perfectly for domestic use for many years.
If you have any questions or queries or require clarification on anything connected to this warranty, please contact us directly by emailing