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Quartz marble-ous quartz

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White and grey Carrara marble-style quartz with kidney breakfast barWANT the look of marble without the fuss of such a “soft” natural stone worktop? Here’s one solution. Spanish engineered-stone maestros Compac have reproduced the subtle grey veining of classic Italian marble in its Carrara white quartz. Because it’s vacuum-formed into high-density slabs, this material has superior stain and scratch resistance – so performs perfectly in kitchen conditions. Unlike metamorphic marble – not to be confused with tough igneous granite worktops – Compac quartz is unaffected by household acids like lemon juice. Here it’s been used in multiple thicknesses – including a kidney-shaped quartz breakfast bar – with black acrylic Parapan® doors to stunning effect. Read how to buy this marble-ous product here. Or see our Inspiration and Indie Designer pages.

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