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Black Granite Worktop Ideas

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This black and grey speckled nero impala granite was installed by worktopenvy.comWORKTOPENVY loves supplying black granite worktops because there are so many types and it’s so darned versatile. Black granite’s special among natural stone because it works exceptionally well both in modern and more rustic spaces. Here we see mid-grained African Nero Impala grey-and-black granite worktops elevating an oak farmhouse kitchen into a thing of beauty. Subtle pencil-rounded edge finishing mirrors the curves of the Aga range while the highly-reflective surface creates a sense of space. And best of all? This is beautifully affordable granite. Not that it’s the only option on the market. For really keen value and a superbly lustrous finish it’s difficult to look beyond Indian Black Pearl granite, which in our humble opinion is among the most underrated natural stones out there. Black Pearl has a slightly coarser grain than Nero Impala and sometimes carries hints of deep green and grey in its crystals, but enjoys overall uniformity and looks particularly nice with a recessed draining area like the one here. Then there are the lesser-known options like Blues in the Night, alias Angolan Blue, a material that’s flecked with gorgeous cichlid-blue nuggets of labradorite, a gemstone sometimes associated with the Zodiac signs of Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Britain’s most popular black is probably Star Galaxy granite, which with its flecks of bronzite very much does what the name suggests; shimmers under direct light like a night sky (click here for more on using this stone in your home). Finally we have the ultimate in pure black granite Nero Assoluto, which looks stunning either polished or in a matte honed finish, which gives it a slate-like appearance. Of course if you want an engineered stone you could always check out our web-leading range of black quartz worktop materials by using the filtering functions here. Or take a scroll through our Inspiration section for more awesome kitchen ideas. Or even learn how to buy bespoke granite and quartz kitchen worktops factory-direct and check out our Indie kitchen designer column for insightful hints and tips from the professionals. To get in touch, just Request a Call Back at the top right of this page, email us a drawing at, or call us directly on 01824 750 647.

Star Galaxy granite worktops

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large star galaxy granite island in surrey home by
THIS Star Galaxy
 black granite island demonstrates beautifully the light-giving qualities of  high-gloss dark natural stone worktops. Positioned on hardy pale oak cabinets – lovingly fashioned by quality kitcheneers Amazing SpacesStar Galaxy’s intense polish reflects this family space like a mirror. When it comes to black worktops situated, like these ones, under a strong natural light source, we’ll always recommend granite over engineered quartz. That’s because igneous granite, formed of molten magma millions of years ago, is untroubled by Ultraviolet (UV), while the pigments that make quartz black can degrade under UV, causing a blanching effect over time. There’s also nothing that quite rivals the high polish of granite types like Star Galaxy, whose glassy finish and glinting flecks of bronzite look exactly as the name suggests they might – heavenly. Engineered quartz worktops, of course, are both doggedly durable and vividly versatile in their own right, but for the deepest lustre granite will always be king. Here WorktopEnvy’s skilled masons used clever low-visual-impact mitred jointing to make the box step – a brilliantly effective way to separate worktop areas. We also dreamt up some smartly discreet offset joints to integrate two hefty support pillars into this ambitious four-metre granite work surface design. The shaped hob splash-back completes a beautifully clean, natural look in this modern Surrey kitchen.  Well-sourced, professionally fabricated and fitted granite worktops will make a good kitchen great – and still look pristine in 20 years’ time (just follow our top tips on granite care folks!). For more stone surfacing ideas check our Inspiration pages and catch up with our must-read interior-design column. Or you can browse our web-leading selection of 200+ stone worktop materials, learn how we supply bespoke granite and quartz kitchen worktops factory-direct to the entire UK, or Request a Call Back for a chat about your stone requirements over there >>>>

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