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How we do what we do

Once we’ve visited your project and made a precision template of your future surfacing we can get to work at our purpose-built 10,000 sq ft fabrication facility. As you can see, WorktopEnvy found a beautiful spot for its factory – complete with overlooking eco-friendly wind turbine.


Your slabs of stone are stored at our substantial private stockyard (where of course the sky is always blue).

green-granite-in-our-stockyard copy

We keep hundreds of stones in stock. Pictured above is some gorgeous green Verde Maritaka.

10,000sqft of stone manufacturing excellence copy

Our gantry system (that’s the big yellow sliding girder) moves slabs around effortlessly.

your slab ready for production

So we can hoist yours on to one of our specialist saws.

And cut it carefully to size with diamond-encrusted blades.

easy does it copy

Before introducing the pieces to our automated edge polishers.

hand finishing

And completing any finer edge finishing by hand.

CNC technology

After which, our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines make the cuts-out for your sink and its lovely drainer grooves.

diamond polish

Thanks to laser-guided diamond tooling and plenty of cooling water.

Now our skilled staff use their experience to provide the finishing touches.

mitred boxing

For example using clever low-visual-impact mitred box-jointing to make stone seem thicker than typical 20mm or 30mm slabs.

finer nuances

Or carving in delicate features like the soap dishes in this stunning French Bleu de Savoie marble, which we installed in the bathrooms of London’s famous Waldorf Hilton hotel.

express delivery please

Finally the finished product is quality controlled by foreman Jimmy and despatched for installation.

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