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The Double Chamfer is the most popular and cost-efficient edge finish for stone worktops. Simple yet very effective, it shows off the facets of your stone like a cut diamond.
Cost: low


The Pencil Round gives a softer edge to your worktops – great for complementing appliances with more curved finishes. Our masons achieve the look by rounding the top and bottom of the edge to the radius of a standard pencil or pen.
Cost: low 


The Mitre is brilliant for making stone appear to be any thickness you choose. By using multiple joints we can also create boxes and steps for your worktops. And because the joins are hidden in the corner right-angles, their visual impact is minimised. Prices vary dependent on depth of down-stand.
Cost: medium to high


The Half Bullnose has a more pronounced top-edge curve to showcase the inner beauty of your stone.

Cost: medium


The Full Bullnose is heavily rounded on top and bottom to form a very effective and more child-friendly finish.
Cost: high


The Ogee is a luxurious, fluid dropped-edge giving a waterfall effect that showcases your stone beautifully.
Cost: high

We offer a full range of edge finishes. If there are any you can’t see here please Request a Call Back for an on-spec price or email