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1.from Latin granum (grain)
2.grained acid plutonic igneous rock consisting of quartz, feldspars and ferromagnesian minerals such as biotite or hornblende
3.great hardness, endurance, or resolution

Granite is a magnificent natural material found in endless colours and patterns, each reflecting the personality of the quarry from which it came. Cool to touch, it’s incredibly durable and polishes to a high gloss finish because it is almost uniquely hard. Well-sourced, professionally fabricated and installed granite worktops will long outlast the rest of your kitchen. After all, nature spent aeons creating it so we could hone the skills to perfect it. WorktopEnvy has more than 60 varieties of granite across a broad range of affordability here.

1.from German Quarz, of Slavic origin
2.colourless mineral and gemstone; violet-purple as amethyst, brown as cairngorm, yellow as citrine, pink as rose quartz
3.composition: silicon dioxide. Formula: SiO2. Crystal structure: hexagonal

Quartz is granite’s cheeky cousin – and the kitchen interior design success of the millennium. Loved for its consistency and liberating colour possibilities, it’s a union of stunning form and formidable function. It’s engineered by vibro-compressing 93% natural crushed quartz with polymers and pigments into high-density slabs. Quartz is as durable as granite, prodigiously stain and scratch-resistant and very hygienic. It comes in polished, matte and textured finishes and can include special ingredients like glass, mirror-chips, glitter and even shells. There are hundreds of colours to choose from. We source the best across a broad range of affordability. View them here.

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